likes: astronomy, vinyl collecting, rainy nights, gaming, horror films

dislikes: bugs, storms, crowds/people, warm weather, spicy food

TW!! house/building fires, self-immolation, death, cancer talk, substance abuse, sh, sa, tornado sirens, and real life gore

about me + byf + dni!!

about me! I am a gay transmasc artist from the US! I'm very introverted but I always love meeting new people and sharing art with others!

before you follow! I suffer from social anxiety ontop of me being AuDHD, I easily get very overwhelmed when messaging people/talking in gc's and servers! Please be patient with me :)

DNI if you are...! homophobic, transphobic, pro-israel, anti-blm, pro-russia, zoophile, trump supporter, killing stalking fans, vivziepop (helluva boss + hazbin hotel creator) apologist/supporter, DRAMAtical murder fans, cazstarion (cazador/astarion) shippers, dream supporters, just don't be a complete creep and respect my boundaries!


main fandoms! baldur's gate 3, cyberpunk 2077, marvel, mr. robot, skyrim, fallout, hotline miami, horrror (scream + re-animator), star wars, kaijus, overwatch, animal crossing

other fandoms! jjk, jjba, marble hornets, OFF!, blade runner, TRIGUN, scott pilgrim, sonic, dc, pokemon, good omens


music artists! arctic monkeys, the voidz, daft punk, gesaffelstein, the strokes, the garden, queens of the stone age, tv girl, jungle, geno samuel, justice, car seat headrest, red vox, idkhow, the buttertones, rinse & repeat, mook, miles kane, tlsp, tyler the creator, nirvana, thee sacred souls
games! baldur's gate 3, cyberpunk 2077, overwatch, animal crossing, stardew valley, skyrim, fallout new vegas, hotline miami, jedi fallen order/survivor, minecraft, banjo-kazooie, OFF!, faith: unholy trinity, coffee talk
shows/anime! mr. robot, daredevil, the punisher, teotfw, shameless, young royals, 1899, fallout (tv), kin, treason, cyberpunk edgerunners, jjk, jjba, bsd, arcane, one piece, fionna and cake, peaky blinders, hannibal, marble hornets
movies! scream 1-6, re-animator, blade runner, dunkirk (2017), daft punk's electroma, interstella 5555, the goldfinch, everything everywhere all at once, hereditary